About me
Hey there! Thanks for landing on my site.
I’m Elisa, an independent graphic designer from Lausanne, Switzerland, currently based in North London. Since graduating from ERACOM, Lausanne in 2017 with a CFC diploma in Graphic Design, I have used my eclectic skillset to create unique designs, visual identities and illustrations for a range of international clients - creative collaboration without borders! Also, I am fluent in French and proficient in English. 

About you
My job is to make sure to represent you in the most accurate way, starting my design process by getting an in-depth understanding of your project and your needs. I aim to create designs that are striking and instantly tell your audience all they need to know about you.

Style and influences
When working on my personal artwork, I’m heavily influenced by pop culture, queer culture and the 80s. I like working with primary colors and strong geometrical shapes to create bold graphic illustrations. I also try to represent tender life moments and emotions that are felt by everyone or even take you in a whole other imaginary world that will make you travel far from reality.

Services I can deliver
☻ Graphic Design
☻ Brand Identity
☻ Illustration
☻ Art Direction
☻ Photography (daylight, no studio)

I can also create specific products such as:
☻ Posters, Flyers, Layouts
☻ Logos, Business Cards
☻ Portfolios, CVs
☻ Web Design, App Design

If you’re interested in creating great work together, please drop me a line, elisasiro.pro@gmail.com and we can discuss your project together.

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